On 2017,

technology for protecting resource, asset and life

had been already developed

Cyber Security Solutions (CSSS) can support them

as global security company had also established.

 CSSS is located at 1st floor of shared office in a Tokyo

and has been challenging entirely to disseminate security in Japan,

by below solutions


 1) NCLS

    New Authenticated Log-in system

This new authenticated system is “Gaygeki” unnecessary intrusion into system

by stricter of authorized person

and by “bougyo”illegal log-in by using physical specified key.


 2) FSS

    File Security Software

This is File encrypting software as state-of-the-art technology in the world.

This software is “Bouei” important files against third party,

and “Gekiha”their action.


 3) eCOM

    energy Charge replenishing machine

This is used complex element crystal made by

gathering natural phenomenon and human supreme “Zuknow”.

This is energy saving machine using sub-energy power

generated charge of energy by “Mugen”sunlight falling to earth from sun



This is IP communications system.

This COSMO system is new system generated

by gathering human “Achi”and application technology

taking advantage of IP technology.

This system is available to make “Q-hou” or “K-hou”

by using IP line to world wide clients at “Kin-Q”or “Saigai” matter.

As advantage compared with existed system,

this is better cost-performance,

easier to replace by small size,

available to use any client PC

and also lower cost for maintenance.

That is why this is better for any user.


CSSS has also office in other area :

One base is “Joe-hoku”, located in northern Tokyo

Office is the place for agent and supporting them,

because anyone can use Internet, 

any office appliances freely.


  Another base is “Shimonita”, located in western “Gunma” pref.

  Office is located nearby “Karuizawa”,

Golf places or “Onsen”.

And so, there is also Relaxing place for anyone.

  This office is also had show-room

for displaying old industrial products on “Showa” or “Heisei”age,

and people can re-think the design is important by looking them.

   So, here is job space and relaxing place.


* This is a parody of “UFO”

*“UFO” is the work by ITC, England